Hotel Germany Ruedesheim Rhine river hunting lodge history Rudesheim
653-jagd castle hotel Rhinegau / Rheingau on the Rhine hills, near Rudesheim, Rhine river valley, Rhinegau, Germany
Hunting castle on the Rhine hills, near Rudesheim, Rhine river valley, Rhinegau, Germany Superior first class hotel situated in quiet romantic surroundings. Gourmet cuisine.Between Frankfurt airport, Wiesbaden, Mainz, Bingen, Lorelei rock, Koblenz Coblence and Koln Cologne

The Rhine philosophy / Pure joy

You don't wait for your dreams to come true ? you realise them. Better sooner than later "Live" is the new message. It's your fault if you don't live this way.

In former times, the right to enjoy the pleasures of life was the privilege of the sovereigns of Nassau, nowadays everyone has a claim to it. Maybe not with such hunting enthusiasm, but still full ofjoy and pleasure-seeking. Provided that you have a taste for a good taste.

You simply ask, "What's the price of the world?", and if it's only a hunting lodge. A menu a la Jagdschloss kitchen with 5 courses. Forrests, fields, streamlets and meadows on precious plates ask you to dinner. A party. Pure enjoyment of the pleasures of life. A cosy bed. Fresh air.

Repose, when you look for it. Small highlights of active sports turn to the personal peak of pure physical joy. Let your soul swing. Relax.

Hotel is life. A restaruant is the stage of a private production, you and all your beloved ones being in the limelight. A society shows what it has and enjoys, what it experiences. Even if its a work seminar.

The hunting seat Jagdschloss on the Niederwald high above Ruedesheim on Rhine wants to be part of these times, be meeting centre for guests from all parts of the world.

653-jagd castle hotel Rheingau  Rhine river hills hotels Hessen Hesse Rudesheim, near Frankfurt Main airport Germany

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