Guest rooms, Hotel room rates
Castle Hotel Burg Gutenfels
Hotel above the Pfalz in Rhine by Kaub, Germany

Between Wiesbaden, Ruedesheim, Assmannshausen, Loreley, St.Goarshausen, Braubach, Marksburg, Lahnstein, Koblenz, and Cologne.

Chamber Wachenheim (view of the vineyards), 2 people 170 EUR, only accommodates two.
Behind the solid old walls of Burg Gutenfels, you will find atmospheric comfort. In the apartments (of course with bath and WC), in the small drawing-rooms, or cosy corners, every guest feels special and spoilt!

40 beds
1 single room (up to 2 people possible)
8 double rooms (for 2 to 6 people possible)
1 apartment (for 2 to 5 people)

All rooms with private bath and toilet.

Reservations are necessary.


Parking area on side of castle.

Chamber Rinberg (view of part of the Burg Gutenfels, Bellevue Tower, vineyards, Kaub, Rhine, Oberwesel and castle Schonburg). 2 people 170 EUR, up to 6 people possible.

Chamber Nassau (view of part of the Burg Gutenfels, vineyards, Kaub, Rhine, Oberwesel, and Schoenburg), 2 people 160 EUR, up to 4 people possible.

Chamber Liebenstein, 2 people 115 EUR, up to 4 people possible.

Chamber Falkenstein (view of inner courtyard), 2 people 135 EUR, up to 6 people possible.

Chamber Westerburg (view of vineyards), 2 people 140 EUR, up to 4 people possible.


Chamber Stein (view of vineyards), 2 people 150 EUR, up to 4 people possible.

Chamber Stockheim with canopy bed (view of the vineyards) 2 people 170 EUR, up to 3 people possible.
Single room

Chamber Bolanden (view of the Pfalz in Rhine and Kaub), 1 person 100 EUR, up to 2 people possible.

Extra beds

for adults or children, 41 EUR.

Children without extra bed, 16 EUR.

for adults and children over 13 years, per person 12.50 EUR.
Children under 13 years, 8.50 EUR.

Dog 12,50 EUR

Apartment in Tower House
Chamber Torhaus, bedroom and living room, balcony, 2 people 205.00 EUR, up to 5 people possible, view to the vineyards.
Castle Hotel
Burg Gutenfels
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World heritage Castle Hotel Burg Gutenfels
D-56349 Kaub on Rhine
Closed 2006 December 31 and sold to a private person.


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