Castle ground plan, Towers, Rhine Terraces
Castle Burg Gutenfels,
above the Pfalz in Rhine by Kaub, Germany

Between Wiesbaden, Ruedesheim, Assmannshausen, Lorelei, St.Goarshausen, Braubach, Marksburg, Lahnstein, Koblenz, and Cologne

The central part of the castle, comprising the keep, Palas, armoury, and inner court, stems from about 1200. The ring wall surrounding the entire castle dates from the 14th century. The wall was strengthened at the end of the 15th century. The bastions date from 1508/1509, the soldiers` cemetery from 1631/1632.
1 Linden terrace
2 Roofed Parupet Walk
3 Powder magasine
4 Unter the Yew-tree
5 Spanish Garden
6 Bellevue Tower
7 Philosophers' Tower
8 Bastion
9 Old Kitchen Garden
10 Outer Bailey
11 Rhine Terrace
12 Path to the Vineyards
13 Outer Court
14 Old Cistern
15 Draw Well
16 Main Gate
17 Keep
18 Castle Inner Court

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The central part of the main gate dates from the 14th century, although it was enlarged in the 16th and 17th centuries. The outer court has a cistern and cattle trough carved from the solid rock. A tunnel built about 1508/1509 leads to the bailey, the space between the castle proper and the outer ring wall. In the west outer court a shield wall, an especially srong wall, protects the most vulnerable side of the castle. The lower part of the wall was built in the 13th century, the upper part in the 14th and 15th centuries.

To it is connected the chapel building, a Gothic outerwork whose ground floor served as a powder chamber. Since 1953 it has been a chapel and weddings are often performed there. The Spanish Cemetery is farther west in what was formerly part of the bailey.

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The central part of the castle is one of the most significant examples of Staufisch architecture on the Rhine. Note the window arcades and the beautiful fireplaces in the King`s Hall. The easterly one is late Romanesque from about 1200. The fireplace chimneys are especially beautiful. The "armoury" was perhaps a "Kemenate", a heated dwelling house set aside for women; the third floor dates from 1890. The wooden galleries in the inner court came into being in 1890 and 1953. The door to the keep was on the court side above the dungeon. The level of the courts was formerly lower and wooden outside staircases led up to the halls above.

Until 2006: An elegant and luxurious hotel occupies these historic rooms and to enjoy the lovely view over the Rhine.

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World heritage Castle Burg Gutenfels
D-56349 Kaub on Rhine
Closed 2006 December 31 and sold to a private person.

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