World heritage Castle Burg Gutenfels
above the medieval Pfalz in Rhine by Kaub, Germany
Between Wiesbaden, Rudesheim, Assmannshausen, Loreley, St. Goarshausen, Braubach, Marksburg, Lahnstein, Koblenz, and Cologne
The Romantic Castle for People in Love!
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The secret tip on Rhine!

The wonderful view over the most beautiful part of the Rhine Valley, with the famous and unique stronghold, the castle on the island in the middle of the Rhine, Pfalzgrafenstein; the brisk and plentiful boat traffic on the Rhine – all this is a delight to the beholder!

gutenfels290pfalz.jpg (26704 Byte) It is an old custom on Castle Gutenfels that for anyone who comes in peace, the doors will be opened wide in welcome. Castle Gutenfels above Kaub on Rhine, is one of the most beautiful castles in Germany. You only become aware of the greatness of this castle, its beauty and its secrets, when you are prepared to open your heart and accept the magic and romantic of this castle, which is over eight hundred years old.
gutenfels290kaub.jpg (29246 Byte) Burg Gutenfels invites you to linger.

With the closure of the heavy castle gates, the noise and hectic of the outside world disappear. A new world full of romantic magic surrounds you. Because of this, and because of its age and the many traditions surrounding it, Burg Gutenfels has been made into a stylish guest-house, where guests from all over the world are made more than welcome.

Romantic and delightful are the many small gardens, terraces, and alcoves to be found on Castle Gutenfels. From all of them you have a wonderful view into the Rhine Valley. Up-stream to the large bend in the Rhine and Bacharach, down-stream to Oberwesel and the Castle Schonburg, and beneath you to the old town of Kaub and the Island Falkenau with the Pfalzgrafstein.

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World heritage Castle Burg Gutenfels
D-56349 Kaub on Rhine
Closed 2006 December 31 and sold to a private person.

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